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Music to our ears!


Warren Mendonsa

Guitarist & Composer, Blackstrat Blues

When I was first contacted by Shilpa at Soundhammer the last thing I needed at the time was another pedalboard, since I had 3 already.


But looking at her work, I quickly realised having a custom board made would be far better than working with the mass produced options available.


From the inception to the final product, Shilpa’s attention to detail and unflinching devotion to quality was commendable. And the best part is it was all made right here in India.



Guitarist & Composer, Shiv Menon Live

After spending a lot of money on a pedalboard that I had, I wasn't in the mood to spend more money.  Back in 2017 I went around in my area looking for people who could make something for me, but I wasn't satisfied at all with the work they had done.


A year later I was as usual complaining about how costly a pedalboard is and someone suggested Shilpa could do it. And boy did she do a great job. 


Rudy Wallang

Guitarist , Soulmate

I've been using my Soundhammer Pedalboard for around 2.5 years. It was built to my specs and I've never had a problem with it. It's solid, lightweight and comes in a very well-made bag which is lined with thick foam material on the top and bottom inside.  


Thank you Soundhammer!

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