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Alter Modular Pedalboards


Waiting for that effect pedal you are saving up for?  Cannot take a decision about the perfect pedalboard until your collection is complete?  What if we told you that the wait is over?  

6 pieces, endless possibilities

Expand your horizon with Alter Series - our modular pedalboards that mount together in various combinations to expand with your ever expanding effect pedal collection enabling you to create your own custom layouts based on your gig requirements. Whether you are practicing at your own pad or you are on stage, it’s now in your power to design your pedalboard by choosing as few or as many pedals to create your sound.

Our game-changing modular pedalboards are made from a single sheet of high-grade aluminium, laser cut to perfection. Every one of our pieces are designed to withstand upto 150 kgs​, and they are made to fit like pieces in a puzzle. 

No welding - No hollow rails - No rusting! And the freedom to expand your board horizontally AND vertically. Shop your combo and make sure no pedal is left behind. 

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