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Drum Shield

DRUM SHIELDS - Minimum Stage Noise. Maximum Immersion 

A case against metal (not the music, hear us out!)  

Ever seen the bulky transparent sheet covering a drum-kit like a warm blanket on live venues and restaurants? Pretty sure you must have, and also noticed how ineffective those become when it comes to sound insulation.

Soundhammer wanted to solve the inherent issues and functionality that come with the current generation of drum shields. Metal hinges do not provide effective sound insulation when compared to the investment, and the setup is both bulky and intense. So we decided to design, develop and make our own drum shields & hinges!


Soundhammer drum shields use flexible, durable, and clear hinges that provide a complete sound seal, unlike metal hinges. Our shield panels are lightweight acrylic shields built to deflect sound. Moreover, they come in an easy-to-install format that is aimed at helping artists, live sound mix engineers, venue managers & production houses to pursue a great sound.

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