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Warren Mendonsa, Guitarist & Composer with Blackstrat Blues

When I was first contacted by Shilpa at Soundhammer the last thing I needed at the time was another pedalboard, since I had 3 already.

But looking at her work, I quickly realised having a custom board made would be far better than working with the mass produced options available.

From the inception to the final product, Shilpa’s attention to detail and unflinching devotion to quality was commendable. And the best part is it was all made right here in India.

The agony

when the slots need to be exactly spaced from the corner and with respect to each other..the angle needs to be exact, the diameter has to be a precise 11.2mm, the hinges need to move freely..and so many little things that just need to come together.. The agony

when a few of these don't match the specification.

And the ecstasy

when they finally do!

I haven't worked with another person who has this kind of eye for detail, and to be very honest, if he didn't insist on this kind of precision, this pedalboard wouldn't have come out the way it did!

Frankly, this project has been a huge learning experience for me!

So many discussions back and forth, and finally when Warren recommends @sound.hammer on his story, I am overwhelmed! I tell him I need some time to respond.

He immediately replies in his usual down to earth, pragmatic way.."write your story aaram se.. for now just add to your insta stories. These stories expire in 24 hours" hahahahaha!!! Warren, Thank you!

- Shilpa

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